Masters and Johnson Sensate Focus Exercises for Enhancing Sexual Intimacy

When you look at Sensate Focus exercises as prescribed by Sex Therapist researchers Masters and Johnson
it is not rocket science, it’s just about couples exploring touch and sensation in their whole body, not just the obvious sex centres. It’s about building trust and expanding your expression of love within sex, and every couple can become skilled at and learn to enjoy loving touch.

But not everyone likes touch. Some don’t have time for it. They were never given it. Perhaps touch frightens them because it exposes feelings of abandonment or abuse. Yet touch is just the thing God has decreed for us as our first and most primary experience as humans. A baby is touched often. He is bathed, cleaned, fondled, kissed. 

Touch is meant to draw us closer to one another, and if you don’t like it, you should learn to. If your partner does not like touch, and especially if they don’t like sex, Sensate Focus Exercises are a great place to start.