Climbing Everest; A symbol of highest love

Deep mysteries are best conveyed as symbols, and for a little while now I have thought of my lover as a yet unscaled Everest. He towers above all others in my affection and devotion, his love is magnificent, yet his tempests are terrifying and upon his slopes lie the frozen remains of those who sought, unsuccessfully to scale him. Those that have returned with their life carry wounds and disfigurements. I have had a lifetime of preparation for loving this man, but can’t for a moment rest on my laurels.

I have been a high altitude lover since I made a decision to put the words of Jesus into practice in my early 20’s, to love even my enemies, to pray for them and never allow myself the luxury of hatred, coldness and abandonment. I have a special attraction for the rejected and unloved, who are of course rejected and unloved because they are very difficult.  The hurt and wounded do all manner of self-defeating things in order to self protect. Winning their trust and having a good relationship with them requires great patience and much forgiveness. Loving them is painful, often cold and unrewarding, but bit by bit, one learns to embrace the pain, and allow God’s downy softness to warm, comfort and protect your heart. Every step of the way, when I could go on no more, something would break and his love would come flooding in to my soul and it was all worth the wait.

Loving a wounded man is not for the unprepared. I see myself as the Tenzing of love, a toughened Sherpa, acclimatised to the rigors of life where the air is thin. This blog is directly inspired by my love for him, and I have chosen to openly document the journey, even though, as you will see, the weaknesses of my life will also be revealed. I write songs and poems, and I thought I would add my Everest inspired ones here.

This was the first poem I wrote on the Everest theme, written in May 2011, 2 years into what had been a very difficult ascent into both glorious love and the coldest of rejections. Many who attempt to climb Everest have their hopes dashed by the unpredictable nature of high mountain weather. In my case, there were many failed attempts in ascending my Everest. Hopes were dashed, sometimes at the last moment, when victory seemed assured and I sullenly had to descend and await the next “season” of love to open for me. In the end, I did give up and let go of the dream, only to have it unexpectedly given back to me.

Everest (poem)

You are Everest.
Intimidating all
but the truly courageous,
Revealing secrets to
those determinedly devoted
And then cruelly
dashing their hopes.
Unpredictable, fooling even the wise
With the rapidly of your approaching ferocity

Those who would conquer you
They consider the risks
and choose hardship
They burn with passion
Who can say why?
They’ve fallen in love?
They’ve something to prove?
Either way it defies logic
It cannot be denied
Only tested

And tested my love has been. This next song was started in September 2011 and finished recently.  Whether you love a difficult man or a whole man, there will be many times along the way where you have to choose love over pain. Work those forgiveness muscles and it will get easier. I love the play on the word Everest, which to me is ever rest, a mindset that I have to adopt when loving this man.

Everest (song)
Ain’t happy with what’s around here
Been searching for higher ground yeah
Everest, now I’ve spied ya
Everest, got ta climb ya

All my heart, all my soul, all my strength, all my all, are focused on you boy
I don’t  care what they say I am finding a way, I’m coming to you
Everest, now I’ve spied ya
Everest, gonna climb ya

Every soldier faces his battles
But the lover, winning’s what matters
Everest, now I’ve spied ya
Everest, got ta climb ya

All my heart, all my soul, all my strength, all my all, are focused on you boy
There’s a peace and I know I will find a way through I’m coming to you
Everest, now I’ve spied ya.
Everest, I’m gonna climb ya

It’s a long way and cold is your anger
You don’t open for every stranger
Everest, now I’ve spied ya.
Everest, I’m gonna climb ya

All my heart, all my soul, all my strength, all my all, are focused on you boy
One day You will see, you will to open to me,
And patient I wait yeah
Ever rest, Ever rest


Song of Songs, Chapter 1:1-4

I thought I would start this blog with thoughts from the Song of Songs,  a tale of supreme Erotic love, offering insight into all romantic love has to offer us. The Songs were written by King Solomon, the first living son of the infamous union between the giant slaying minstrel warrior King David and his lover, now wife, Bathsheba. 

King Solomon excelled even more that his father in virility, having over 1000 wives, but legend has it that he also had a passionate and soul filled affair with the Queen of Sheba who visited him, staying for more than 6 months. I believe the Songs were composed with the intentional use of clever hidden symbolism in order to particularly delight his like-minded Queen Sheba, who also aspired to the finding out of life’s riddles. It is stated that the Queen was very curious upon many matters and sought to test the wisdom of Solomon after hearing tales of his greatness. Apparently she was duly impressed and bore great reverence to the King. The songs are filled with all the fairytale idealism and intensity of Eros, but also, with great tenderness, expresses Agape within the erotic relationship.

The Song of Songs is also a parable that illustrates the nature of the Eternal Lover, Jesus Christ and his relationship with His people, as his betrothed bride. It has been a source of intimate symbolism of this most divine of all love relationships.



 v1 This is Solomon’s song of songs, more wonderful than any other.

Far from being an arrogant boast, this introduction is meant to tell the reader, “Listen to these mysteries and give them your careful attention. It will lead you to knowledge and experiences, “More wonderful than any other.”

v2 “Kiss me with the kisses of your mouth, for your love is so much better than wine.”

The song starts with the dark and exotic beauty longing to be kissed. She’s putting out, and desiring his affection. One is led to believe, in this tale, the woman is the initiator.

v3 “Your anointing oil smells good, and your name is like purified oil, hence many women love you.”

Romantic love (Eros) is experienced through the senses, but the woman is also revealing the first blossomings of admiration and an elevation of the beloved. Erotic love is idealistic and so it should be. These early feelings of idolation and respect will later become strengthened by Agape in a good healthy relationship. At this stage she realizes that she is one of many, as the king has not yet chosen her.

v4 “Lead me and I will run behind you. The King has brought me into his private inner room. We will exult with trembling and rejoice. We will document this love as a memorial, for your love is better than wine. It is right that I love you.”

The woman is naturally inclined to submission in the presence of her chosen beloved. She wants to be led and to follow as an expression of her respect for him. This is the most beautiful thing a woman can bestow upon a man and his perception of it leads him to choose her and to desire intimacy with her within the “inner chamber” of his heart. The couple then find themselves in an electric situation where they both realize they have a love of worth that should be immortalized (as it was in this poem). There is a deep feeling of rightness about it all.