Sex every day. The best way to tone your pelvic floor

Sex is a very healthy activity and should be regularly enjoyed. Unfortunately, all too often, sex is last on the list after work, children, food, home chores etc etc. Many couples are too exhausted to bother and little by little, the day to day exchanges with your partner become all about the business of life and the zing, fun and passion that energised your relationship is gone. When you do find time and opportunity, you might find it harder to connect mentally and Spiritually, and without these engines of pleasure, sex is less than it could be.

But how do you reclaim lost ground and get back to something warmer and more intimate?

40 Days of Sex Challenge

As impossible as it might seem to you right now, you can do pretty much anything once you make a decision. With this challenge, couples make a commitment to one another to spend at least 30 minutes daily in some kind of intimate activity. If you are both exhausted or have been estranged and disconnected, just holding one another and opening up your heart in love is enough to stoke the fire. The real win is that you are making a decision to DAILY open yourself up to intimate communion with your beloved, and you experience their commitment to you as well.

But putting sex back on the menu can be very confronting. Keeping such a commitment for any couple can become a reason to fight or when heartily embraced can become an exciting game of loves resourcefulness. Hopefully you will find the benefits so enriching, you will continue for another 40 days!

Regular sexual willingness is a choice. We can learn to enjoy sex on many levels, but one healthy thing a woman can do every day when having sex is to tone the pelvic floor muscles. Both men and women gain advantage when regular pelvic floor exercises are practiced.

For Women

The ladies of the Harem knew the value of toning the pelvis and pelvic floor muscles through belly dancing and sex practices that involved massaging her man’s penis while inside her. The Karma Sutra mentions a particular province of India, where women had so effectively trained their pelvic floor muscles that they were able to prevent a man’s penis from withdrawing at orgasm, so ensuring the planting of his seed in her womb.

Regardless,  sex is a great time to use your secret power. Pussy muscles.

To be honest I have always hated doing the pelvic floor exercises. It makes me crinkle my face in wry concentration. I’ve found sex to be a far more enjoyable way to work them. Done daily you will notice an increased vitality and strength come into your Chi (life force).  This is because it also activates the movement of energy through the governing vessels which are the primary energy source of the body.

It is done most easily with the woman on top, astride her man, once she can take his full length and sit firmly on top of him. The woman uses her pelvic floor muscles, firstly to grab the penis at its base (feeling the contraction even up into the clitoris), and then contracting the muscles up inside the vagina to the womb. As you become more excited, and greedier to “gulp down” more pleasure, the movement deepens to naturally involve the core abdominal muscles and more of the pelvic floor around the anus. The man should stay rather still if possible, encouraging your woman, giving feedback, making lots of encouraging noises and she will try harder and harder to get those muscles working  to make you happy. And you will be.  This is one of the best exercises for women who are wanting to energise their sexuality, fall pregnant, experience more powerful orgasms and rekindle a waning libido.  

The man can also experiment with using his pelvic floor muscles to lift the penis, putting more direct pressure on the G spot and sensitive structures on the anterior roof of the vagina. You’d never know exercising could be so very enjoyable.

The follow on benefits of this exercise is more sexual virility and desire, greater peace and centeredness, focus and energy (increased Chi effects). So go on, consider the challenge of sex every day, just for your pelvic floor rehabilitation if for nothing else, but I guarantee that you will feel great!