From Eros to Agape is a blog which aims to document that mysterious union between a woman and a man, the supremely and most deeply satisfying of all earthly relationships. It tells the story of love at its highest expression, Agape, or God infused unconditional love within the erotic relationship (Eros).  Agape is a love known to those of high integrity and character.

Agape is a big love that develops with age and much self examination and personal growth. It is a mature love, most commonly associated with God’s love for us, but also with those who, by obedient hearts put the words of Christ into practice, develop these qualities and make the experience of divine love infusing erotic love possible, for without Agape, Eros is unfulfilled, even empty. It certainly can’t do the distance or the hard yards that are required in long term relationships.

This site also openly acknowledges the influence and shaping of my ideas and thoughts by the Holy scriptures over the past 30 + years. I believe the bible speaks to all levels of our human existence and that the Divine Lover is an archetypal longing within all who are called to hear the voice of the Prince of love. The whole of creation speaks of this mystical union, from the flowers to the stars. It tells firstly of the love between Christ and his mystical bride, the church, and then further mirrors this knowledge within the love that is possible between a man and a woman.

I have degrees in chiropractic and remedial massage therapy and more recently received post graduate qualifications in Sexual Health from Sydney University.

Good health turns out to be a very important part of the equation in a good love life, and not all sexual performance issues are just “in your head”.

The final result of this rather strange mix of influences is a sex therapy approach that is holistic, giving equal consideration to the health of the body, the complexity of modern relationships and the deep archetypal longings for a perfect love that drives us to want more. My desire, firstly for myself and then for my circle of influence is that we would discover a love much deeper lurking in the recesses of our broken hearts. I have drunk deeply of love in my own life and these pages are a record of my thoughts, experiences and knowledge on modern sexuality and how it is that we might find deeper love in our sexual relationships in this modern age.


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