Does Unconditional Love even exist in this Universe?

Unconditional love; we all somehow feel we deserve it. Isn’t that why someone’s rejection of us feels so UNFAIR? Somewhere deep in our being we know the only decent and right thing in this universe is the existence of unconditional love, and it should be coming our way.

Not that you would demand it. You learnt long ago that unconditional love can never be DEMANDED, because as one who also believes in giving unconditional love, to demand is one step away from a bad attitude, which quickly turns into a torrent of bitter thoughts and hey presto, you are not in the love zone any more.

It’s hard to love unconditionally, mainly because the ball is always in your court. To receive love, we must first give love. Remember what Jesus taught us. “Give and it will be given to you, pressed down, shaken together, running over”…he urged us to forgive and promised if we could forgive, then God could too…and to top it off, a spectacular bargain; “in the measure you forgive others, God will forgive you.” Was there ever a better incentive to be bountifully forgiving? Love, demonstrated by the fruit of forgiveness and our determination to love others, faults and all is our most holy duty as Christians. The onus is always FIRST on US to give, to love and to forgive. We never have to wait for any bodies permission to do that. It is the most productive and powerful act we can ever do in this life, and every one of us has been called by God to be a proactive GIVER, NOW. Love UNCONDITIONALLY if you want to be loved that way back.

I have put in a big effort to do this in my life, and I have certainly known what it is to be loved and cherished, but I’ve also experienced the pain when people withdraw their love and in all honesty, right now, I really do wonder if unconditional love even exists at all. Don’t we all have our love limits? Doesn’t even God call it quits on some? Isnt that what hell is about? Or perhaps there’s more to this than at first glance? The failure of both myself and others to consistently and fully love sinful flesh should not lead me to doubt my God, who has to this day never left me or forsaken me and promises to be with me even if I make my bed in hell.

I feel I am unconditionally loved by God. That makes me brave and bold. I can ask big questions. I can squander my inheritance. I can learn my lessons, repent and return and there’s nothing held over me. No strings, no hoops to leap through. My stupidity is not thrown in my face; rather the father embraces me, dresses me in his finest garments and prepares a feast before me in the presence of my enemies. That’s the kind of love God models to me and that’s the kind of love I expect to give to others. I have found however it  is rarely returned, and if people get even a whif of weakness they are more apt to act as seagulls, pecking and devouring. They certainly never forget what you’ve done and are loathe to restore you to fellowship. I have found the most diligent in religion most likely to bite hardest. The older brother type. The one who stayed home and never partied and who gets upset when I and the father do.

What do you think? Do you experience unconditional love or do you think Gods love has conditions? I define unconditional love as a love that is willing to forgive and withstand hating /dishonouring me when I am overtaken in any misbehaviour. This kindness is unexpectedly refreshing and disarming and wins me over, convincing me that His ways are indeed best.


3 thoughts on “Does Unconditional Love even exist in this Universe?

    • You know I was thinking about this question yesterday and revisiting it in my mind as we must do with these complex truths. I have a very studious scholar friend who met with me for some weeks before moving on and we pondered the “unconditional” love of God theory. I suppose I have had to conclude that unconditional love is like an “open door” policy. We have it now, if not by God’s emotional choice, by his covenant agreement with mankind through Christ. But there will come a day when enough is enough and Vesuvius erupts, and if you’re in, you’re in, but if your on the wrong side of the edge, you’re out.

      Blind Freddy cannot fail to notice Christ’s words about the foolish virgins (Matthew 25); the unrelational servant, who in his busyness about the things of God, failed to remember the most important test of entry is found at the feet of Him, our beloved (Mathew 7:21-29). Then there is the vengeful servant; personally forgiven a great debt by His master, who does not manifest the same generosity in his dealings with others who “owe him”. Again in Luke 14, is Jesus’s magnificent discourse on the humble and the proud who miss out. I could go on, but I have to wash my hair…

      As a mother parent I have, on rare occasions been completely worn down by my kids and I snap and boil and thunder and threaten all manner of ex communications and banishments from my presence, but in all honesty my love for them is stronger than their sins, no matter how grievous and incensed I get, I forgive then when they come crawling back. Is that unconditional love? You just keep choosing to do it? You just keep on forgiving?

      All I know is that Gods goodness is well beyond any other. If I can forgive another or myself, then I can be assured that God can forgive me also. What we dish out to others, will be the measure dished out to us. We need to be loved of God and love like God. Loving like God means putting those hard words into practice and sitting and knowing our beloved. That’s the way to the other side. The right side of the fence.

      • I apologize. I am just seeing this reply. That is a very thoughtful inquiry. I believe that man can exemplify a form of unconditional love; a love that never stops. But just because we’re able to administer an unconditional love, does that mean that love is perfect? Of course not. The love of man isn’t even close to the standard God has held us to. In 1 Corinthians 13:4-8, the very definition of love is inscribed. And the thing is that it isn’t labeled as “real love”, “true love”, or even “unconditional love”, because love in and of itself is all of those things. Those verses tell us exactly what love is, and God’s standard of that. Humans have fallen far below the bar, and because almost everyone inadvertently strives to be on a level that is below par, we’ve unintentionally set a new standard of love for ourselves, without even realizing it. So when we see glimpses of what the bible says love is, we add an adjective at the beginning of it, so that we know “this love is greater than the standard love of man”. When all along, the standard of love has never changed. It’s always been unconditional, true, enduring, and patient because that’s simply what love is. We’ve broken love down into levels like “true love” or “powerful love”, in an effort to explain and comprehend our lack. We are in a lifelong undertaking to acquire and achieve something only God can complete in us. It’s so difficult to love perfectly, and to do so in every aspect of what love is. But through the Holy Spirit, we’re able to become more and more like Christ, and embody His perfect love with time.

        P.S. I hope you had fun washing your hair lol.

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