Esther’s Fast and it’s promise today

I have a special connection to the book of Esther. It runs through my brain regularly, and last night I stumbled upon Esther’s fast, the purpose of which is a gem, a glorious hope for truth seekers world wide. Not coincidentally, today is the day for her instituted fast and I have decided to join faithful Jews and perhaps other strange Gentiles who, like me, get it. It was Esther herself that called for Jews everywhere to remember the story of Purim and enter in to its celebration and message.

There are arguments over the timeline regarding the book of Esther. But no matter where we place her in history, Esther was a prophetess, as was her uncle Mordecai, and together they called forth and requested the story be added to scripture and a celebration be instituted for all Jews. The fast was to be performed on the 13 the of Adar from dawn to dusk. Then the celebration part of Purim begins, accompanied by gift giving and feasting and dressing up.

So today I’m joining in the fast. I was interested to see that 13 Adar was a fast for warriors preparing for battle.

Be that as it may, it’s not the main message.

Rather, the message of Esther’s fast is one of hope; that in perilous times God, will hear and move, and provide a strategy, which by gifts and favour with man will prevail to preserve truth. That our very supernatural God works to do wonders in our complicated, natural lives. That is a very big promise and lively hope for many of us, but under the weight of the realities of our life we can become overcome, drowning in a sea of difficulties before us. Remembering Purim inspires us to remember to hope.

My fast before Esther today is a time where I meditate on our great salvation, that extends not only to our spirit, but also our life here in earth, where it’s messy and hard. My fast is one of preparation to war, calling out for supernatural enabling for the days ahead. God can and will make a way for us to continue. Join me in remembering the message that Esther’s story illustrates, and if but for a moment, reflect and suck something nourishing out of her story with its very great, albeit hidden insights, remembering the God who prevails supernaturally in our very natural lives.


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