Climbing Everest; A symbol of highest love

Deep mysteries are best conveyed as symbols, and for a little while now I have thought of my lover as a yet unscaled Everest. He towers above all others in my affection and devotion, his love is magnificent, yet his tempests are terrifying and upon his slopes lie the frozen remains of those who sought, unsuccessfully to scale him. Those that have returned with their life carry wounds and disfigurements. I have had a lifetime of preparation for loving this man, but can’t for a moment rest on my laurels.

I have been a high altitude lover since I made a decision to put the words of Jesus into practice in my early 20’s, to love even my enemies, to pray for them and never allow myself the luxury of hatred, coldness and abandonment. I have a special attraction for the rejected and unloved, who are of course rejected and unloved because they are very difficult.  The hurt and wounded do all manner of self-defeating things in order to self protect. Winning their trust and having a good relationship with them requires great patience and much forgiveness. Loving them is painful, often cold and unrewarding, but bit by bit, one learns to embrace the pain, and allow God’s downy softness to warm, comfort and protect your heart. Every step of the way, when I could go on no more, something would break and his love would come flooding in to my soul and it was all worth the wait.

Loving a wounded man is not for the unprepared. I see myself as the Tenzing of love, a toughened Sherpa, acclimatised to the rigors of life where the air is thin. This blog is directly inspired by my love for him, and I have chosen to openly document the journey, even though, as you will see, the weaknesses of my life will also be revealed. I write songs and poems, and I thought I would add my Everest inspired ones here.

This was the first poem I wrote on the Everest theme, written in May 2011, 2 years into what had been a very difficult ascent into both glorious love and the coldest of rejections. Many who attempt to climb Everest have their hopes dashed by the unpredictable nature of high mountain weather. In my case, there were many failed attempts in ascending my Everest. Hopes were dashed, sometimes at the last moment, when victory seemed assured and I sullenly had to descend and await the next “season” of love to open for me. In the end, I did give up and let go of the dream, only to have it unexpectedly given back to me.

Everest (poem)

You are Everest.
Intimidating all
but the truly courageous,
Revealing secrets to
those determinedly devoted
And then cruelly
dashing their hopes.
Unpredictable, fooling even the wise
With the rapidly of your approaching ferocity

Those who would conquer you
They consider the risks
and choose hardship
They burn with passion
Who can say why?
They’ve fallen in love?
They’ve something to prove?
Either way it defies logic
It cannot be denied
Only tested

And tested my love has been. This next song was started in September 2011 and finished recently.  Whether you love a difficult man or a whole man, there will be many times along the way where you have to choose love over pain. Work those forgiveness muscles and it will get easier. I love the play on the word Everest, which to me is ever rest, a mindset that I have to adopt when loving this man.

Everest (song)
Ain’t happy with what’s around here
Been searching for higher ground yeah
Everest, now I’ve spied ya
Everest, got ta climb ya

All my heart, all my soul, all my strength, all my all, are focused on you boy
I don’t  care what they say I am finding a way, I’m coming to you
Everest, now I’ve spied ya
Everest, gonna climb ya

Every soldier faces his battles
But the lover, winning’s what matters
Everest, now I’ve spied ya
Everest, got ta climb ya

All my heart, all my soul, all my strength, all my all, are focused on you boy
There’s a peace and I know I will find a way through I’m coming to you
Everest, now I’ve spied ya.
Everest, I’m gonna climb ya

It’s a long way and cold is your anger
You don’t open for every stranger
Everest, now I’ve spied ya.
Everest, I’m gonna climb ya

All my heart, all my soul, all my strength, all my all, are focused on you boy
One day You will see, you will to open to me,
And patient I wait yeah
Ever rest, Ever rest


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